8 Passenger Vehicles

You can find several vehicles in the market presently that have the capacity to seat eight passengers. If you consider the state of the US and world economies along with the automobile industry, it is quite surprising how many of these 8 passenger vehicles are sold. All the top carmakers have updated their vehicles and as a result, they are capable of providing reasonable gas mileage. The 8 passenger vehicles are specifically useful for large families or many friends. These vehicles have some specific advantages over the much smaller sedans or similar vehicles, which contributes to their appeal. They are more fuel efficient, attractive and luxurious than ever before. If you are looking for a minivan, remember that some of the highest selling minivans can transport 8 passengers.

The minivans offer comfortable seating for up to eight passengers. The sliding doors make it easier to handle the car seating and large, awkward equipment. The top selling minivans are Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. Both these minivans are available in the 8 seat option and they are fuel-efficient, family-friendly and reliable. However, if you have a preference for an SUV, there are fantastic SUVs at this point in time which are capable of seating eight passengers. However, before buying any SUV you should perform research on the internet and make sure that the SUV you have in mind offers a third row of seating and has a spacious interior. Some of the good SUVs that offer eight passenger seating options are the Chevy Tahoe, Dodge Durango and Ford Expedition.

If you are interested in buying a trendier vehicle, you should consider the crossovers. The crossovers are a mixture of an SUV and a car. Some of them offer comfortable seating for eight and a smooth carlike ride. The crossovers will also offer better fuel efficiency than an SUV and they are easier to handle. The Saturn Outlook has some of the best available features in the 8 passenger vehicles market. Chevrolet also has an eight-passenger crossover called the Traverse. This vehicle is a good choice for families and large companies due to its comfortable and spacious third row of seating. Chevrolet also has another 8-passenger option called the Express, which is a passenger van. Both these Chevrolet vehicles offer 16 mpg along with plenty of legroom and a comfortable ride. These vehicles are ideal for longer road trips.

2012 Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

The 2011 version of the Sienna comes with all the third generation Toyota features. This 8-passenger minivan comes with either AWD or FWD and a 2.7-lit, 187 hp 4-cylinder engine. Another option is a 3.5-lit 266 hp V6 engine. All the engines of the different models come with 6-speed automatic transmission, manual shifting, traction and stability control and 4-wheel anti-locking brakes. The Sienna can seat eight passengers. It has anti-whiplash head restraints and airbags. The exterior of the vehicle is also attractive with nineteen-inch alloy wheels, power sliding doors and dual moon roof.

Some of the standard equipment in the vehicle includes push-button start, USB port, satellite radio, navigation system, power leather seats and a dual zone climate control. The Sienna provides a mileage of 19 mpg in city and 24 mpg on highway. The base model is priced at approximately $24,000, which is quite decent among 8-passenger vehicles with the number of features that are included in the vehicle.

2012 Chevrolet Express

Chevrolet Express

The Express can be considered a workhorse because it’s at its best when it is fulfilling its purpose which is carrying many people, a lot of luggage or the combination of the two. It is clearly a vehicle for those people requiring a hard-working, reliable means of transportation. It is available in five engine choices, has a maximum towing capacity of 10,000 pounds along with enormous cargo space. The Express is capable of seating more than 8 passengers. If you are not too concerned about the luxury offered inside, this is an ideal vehicle for you. However, none of the vans in its class can boast of modern and posh interiors. If you are looking for an AWD van, this is the option for you.

The Chevrolet Express is available in a range of seating configurations and wheelbases. Therefore you can use it as a small school bus carrying 15 children or as a small rolling workshop. You can even opt for a cargo van that has just 2 seats and a huge space for your goods. A passenger van capable of carrying 15 people is also available. Due to several configurations available with the engines, seating capabilities and front or rear-wheel drives, most car buyers are certain to find a vehicle to suit their needs. The base model of the vehicle comes with a 4.8-lit gas-powered V8 engine. A 6.6-lit Duramax V8 engine choice is also available. Other features such as a USB port, satellite radio, Bluetooth and heavy duty locking differentials are available on this van, which is one of the best 8 passenger vehicles.