8 Passenger Minivan

An 8 passenger van is extremely useful for families as it provides sufficient space for everyone, along with providing ample cargo space. Nowadays, the minivans come with a range of luxury features that are designed to keep families happy while on long road trips. Both US and foreign carmakers make minivans which can seat as many as eight passengers and each one includes a unique set of features in their models. These minivans are stylish, powerful and are decently priced. You can find them and their reviews easily on the internet, which makes the buying decision easier.

When your growing family starts to need an 8 passenger minivan, ensure that you get a vehicle that does more for you than just look good. You must research a vehicle that is within your budget, and you also need to look at financing options. Before you start your quest, decide on your budget. Calculate your monthly expenses and see how much money remains that can be used for monthly car payments. Once it has been decided how much you are able to spend, you can start comparing the various minivans available within your budget range.

While examining the minivans, ensure that the vehicle matches your needs. Are you going to it to commute to and from work? If yes, you need a van that offers better fuel efficiency. Are you planning to use the minivan for your road trips and vacations? In such a case you will need a sufficiently large cargo space to store personal luggage and belongings. Are you looking for a comfortable ride? You will have to check the list of standard features and the optional features that are available. Remember, the more features you opt for, the higher the price of the minivan will be and, consequently, the larger the monthly installments.

Examine the various reviews available on internet with the requested prices of the minivans. There are many of these reviews available on the web. This way you will find out whether the van has won any safety or performance awards. Reports from consumers are useful, revealing and definitely helpful in making your decision. After deciding on a vehicle, find the local car dealers in your area that actually sell the selected 8 passenger van. Arrange a time to examine and test drive the vehicle to check all the features listed in the advertisement. Check out the seating, cargo space, interior styling etc. Remember that you will be driving the vehicle for a few years, so make sure it handles well.

2012 GMC Savana

GMC Savana

The Savana is used quite extensively as an 8 passenger minivan airport shuttle and often as a church van. The vehicle is a true workhorse and one of the last models left in the segment. It comes with a 6-speed auto transmission in the higher end models and standard four-speed auto gearing. Although the base model is built to carry eight passengers, the Savana can be configured to carry 12 or 15 passengers. A range of V8 engines is available in the various models.