8 Passenger SUV

In this world of smaller vehicles and crossovers, several carmakers have seen the need for larger vehicles. 8 passenger SUVs have been popular among families and also useful for work. If you have a big family or you participate in a large carpool, you require a vehicle that can seat 8 passengers. Many SUVs provide these seating capabilities. With its rise in popularity, the 8 passenger SUV has become increasingly spacious resulting in an improvement in its seating capability.
One of the significant areas to consider while performing research for the best 8 passenger SUVs is its dimensions. The vehicle must fit into your garage in addition to offering enough interior space. The Ford Expedition EL is one such 8 passenger SUV with these qualifications. It is an incredible 221 inches long: more than the Chevrolet Traverse, the Toyota Sienna and Lexus LX, in terms of overall length. Although the Lexus LX offers the best legroom for the front seating out of these three, with 43 inches.

You can find the combined gas mileage rating for all the available 8 passenger vehicles on the US government’s fuel economy site. These figures are a blend of highway and city fuel efficiencies. If a Chevrolet Tahoe is fitted with 4WD, the indications will show the hybrid model of the Tahoe providing 21 mpg, compared to the Honda Pilot at 18 mpg and the Nissan Armada with 14 mpg in terms of mileage. The luxury vehicles will naturally cost a lot more than the other models. The Lexus LX is an 8 passenger SUV that comes with one of the highest price tags among 8 passenger vehicles. This superb vehicle will set you back about $77,000. On the other hand, some good vehicles with lesser features can be purchased for under $30,000. For example: the Toyota Sienna sells for around $24,000: the Honda Pilot approximately $28,000 and the Chevrolet Traverse for about $29,000.

2012 Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Traverse

The Traverse is one of the affordable, medium sized SUVs and is a very competent vehicle for its class. This is strictly a family vehicle so do not expect sporty handling or exceptional performance from the car. The Traverse provides more interior space than any other vehicle in its medium-sized crossover segment. If you have several people to transport, there is no better choice than the Traverse. This 8 passenger SUV provides a third row of seating with comfortable space for adults. It has a V6 engine and there are four models to choose from. It also has the largest available cargo space in its segment. Although it does not provide a sporty performance, it performs surprisingly well for a crossover with 8 passenger capacity.

The Traverse also comes with great safety features and a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty. It also provides a five year/100,000 mile guarantee on power trains. Some buyers would complain about the lack of standard features and a lower quality of interiors. However, if you are not attracted by luxurious interiors and superior power, the Traverse should be on top of your SUV shopping list.