8 Passenger SUVs

An SUV is also called a Sports Utility Vehicle. The SUV is a multi-passenger vehicle and is generally regarded as a huge gas-guzzler. This, although partially true, is not applicable to all the large SUVs. Nowadays you have many different makes and models to select from that offer good fuel economy. You can also get the 8 passenger SUVs in a huge range of price choices along with a range of exterior and interior designs and colors. The brand new 8-passenger SUVs will be displayed by car dealers all over US.

Some of these vehicles are capable of carrying more than eight passengers and they are equipped with 4WD for winter driving and traveling on rough terrains. The new models of an 8 passenger SUV will have seating space for 8 passengers and will have front bucket seats along with two rows of seating behind, capable of seating three passengers each.

2012 Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator

The third row seating offered by the Navigator is much appreciated by everyone. In addition, the plush automobile offers excellent luggage space and a extensive list of standard features. The only thing that held back the Navigator from achieving its goals was the average performance. However, despite this shortcoming the Lincoln is one of the better luxury large 8 passenger SUVs. The Navigator engine may not be the most powerful one in the segment but it is adequate. It will handle all the on-road conditions well. Another advantage with the Lincoln vehicle is that it comes with practically all features. The seating arrangement is excellent with folding 2nd and 3rd rows. This allows the Navigator to get its nose ahead of its competitors in terms of ease of use and passenger comfort. One of the large luxury 8 passenger SUVs, it provides a smooth ride over broken pavement and rough road conditions.

The Navigator is available in two models and the higher end model called L comes with a longer wheelbase. The Navigator is huge in size and comes with a massive chrome grill but unfortunately, apart from that, there is nothing very attractive in the vehicle’s exterior. The long list of features is awesome though and beats all the competitors. The Navigator offers a fuel mileage of 14 mpg in city and 20 mpg on highway. The base model is available at around $56,000.

2012 Lexus GX-460

Lexus GX 460

Lexus has placed this luxury vehicle between the car based RX 330 model and the premium luxury LX 460. One of the luxury 8 passenger SUVs, the car comes with a V8 engine, generating up to 270 hp. The latest version includes a sports package with KDSS, 17-inch alloy wheels with black graphite finish and smoked front and rear lenses. The navigation system is optional and the Bluetooth wireless capacity is also available. You get an optional towing package has a capacity of 6500 pounds. This automobile also comes with 4WD full time and a central differential, which splits 50/50 between rear and front wheels. The car offers excellent safety features including airbags for the front rows, traction control and anti-lock braking. The GX 460 is at its best on the off road conditions.