8 Seater SUV

People with large families and/or an active lifestyle often require larger SUVs having a third row of seating in order to accommodate 8 passengers. There can be several reasons for this extra space requirement such as: the presence of children and friends to transport, and athletic gear to haul to sports events. The extra space is desired but there is no need to worry since there are SUVs on the market that provide the extra space by adding a third row of seating. There are several alternatives offered for vehicles that have this third row of seating as an 8 seater SUV is a fairly common occurrence in the US. It is important to be aware of these options. You need to research the internet to learn about the different choices available and read the reviews posted by various car buyers.

The initials SUV stand for Sports Utility Vehicle. It is a multi-passenger vehicle built on a light truck chassis. These SUVs are often capable of carrying 8 passengers and they are normally equipped with 4WD for driving on rough terrain and on snow-covered surfaces in winter. There are many carmakers creating newer models that can seat 8 passengers comfortably: two bucket seats in the front and two more rows of seats in the back, seating 3 passengers each. When you refer to an 8 seater SUV this is the full-size category of the segment. These vehicles are huge and powerful, able to carry and tow large loads. With the recent technological advancements, the SUVs are not the same gas-guzzlers they used to be and some of them are actually quite fuel-efficient. There are also hybrid configurations available.

However, saving fuel might not be your first priority as you may require an 8 seater SUV that is large enough to carry lot of people. You may also need extra flexibility with its towing capabilities. Another advantage is that all these SUVs come with latest state of the art technological applications and innovative safety features along with a reasonable price.

2012 Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe

Tahoe is one of the best 8 passenger SUVs available in the market. This affordable large sized 8 passenger SUV is for those who need a vehicle having rugged truck- like abilities in addition to seating 8 passengers and the requirement of a large amount of cargo space. The Tahoe also comes with solid towing capabilities, decent fuel mileage for the segment and can actually comfortably seat 8 passengers. This alone is more than enough to place the vehicle ahead of most of its rivals. In addition, it also has surprisingly decent handling for an SUV and drivers have confirmed that it is a comfortable highway cruiser along with being quite manageable around the city. This together with a large cargo space means the Chevrolet Tahoe offers its buyers everything they need. This SUV is also an option for people looking for an 8-passenger vehicle that is not a minivan.