8 Seater Vehicles

Are you interested in the 8 seater vehicles? Looking for vehicles with such large seating capabilities can turn out to be a challenge because they are not marketed by many companies. Actually considerably less than you would expect. Another factor to consider is that you may need your vehicle to have a specific configuration of various features such as interior furnishings and possible luggage area. You may require other features including good fuel mileage, reliability and a reasonable price tag. You will find some options for certain configurations but some other critical features might be missing from the vehicle’s standard features list, and the seating arrangement may not be as comfortable as you had expected.

There are many companies that make minivans having the ability to seat 8 passengers. However, only a few SUVs provide this option. The other 8 seater vehicles that give you this option are the crossover SUVs. You will find both new and used vehicles of this kind at the local dealerships and via the internet. While considering your options you need to remember who is going to be in the rear seats. Some 8 seater vehicles may offer comfortable seats in the back that are suitable only for younger children. Although minivans are the most obvious choice while researching an 8 passenger vehicle, a conventional SUV or a crossover may also be a valid alternative to transport eight people. The possibility of having a 4WD or other specifications is also to be considered. Remember, the requirements of an 8 passenger vehicle you would use for transporting a construction crew will not be the same as a vehicle used for transporting large families to football practice.

2011 Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser is a comfortable, smooth and extremely efficient 8 passenger SUV. The price tag is around $69,000, which is about $10,000 less than the only other serious competitor from the Land Rover line-up. The Land Cruiser makes for a wonderful family vehicle and is an unbelievably capable vehicle for off-road enjoyment. It comes with a central console able to keep as many as 12 bottles cold at the same time. There are four climate zone settings available in the Land Cruiser with different controls for the seats in the back. It is also equipped with a micro dust and pollen air filter for keeping the inside environment as clean as possible. A DVD navigation system that is completely Bluetooth compatible and satellite radio are also included. It has touch screen with the dual purpose of acting as the backup camera in the rear of the car.

2012 Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

The Expedition is one of the 8 seater vehicles that come under the affordable large SUVs segment. It is a complete family vehicle and comes with high-tech interiors. It offers 4WD and can tow more weight than a few of its competitors. An independent rear suspension gives it a smoother ride and more agility than other 8 passenger vehicles. The Expedition gives you an adult-sized third row of seating and a nice ride, but at the expense of gas mileage.